Bye-bye mad flying bycicle man

Dear Dr. Hoffman, I’d like to say bye to you too and here’s why:

- Unlike a very high percentage of the people I’ve met in my entire life, you changed my horizons the very first moment I met you.

- But not only mine, you change the way of thinking of millions, starting from Leary, Huxley and the other members of the endless list of people who contributed to make the REAL difference above.

- I will always remember that because of you Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA.

Yo sé que quizá no seas tú a quién deba agradecer todas estas locuras hippies, but doc, you fucking nuked my brains out like no other, ever. And for that I will eternally thank you.

I will really miss you and those psychedelic days.


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nOn dijo...


Anónimo dijo...

sniffles lo extrañare deja le hablo al bernie para q me traiga un chocolate para recordarlo como se debe


Anónimo dijo...

muy chido tu blog by the way, oie una pregunta donde cheko los grupos nominados para los indie bud awards ???

soy el mismo del comentario de arriba

giorgio martini

Lorenka dijo...

hermoso carnalin, hermoso, We fuckin miss him, ya hasta se me antojo, pero asi recio. jaja
lotta luv.

Anónimo dijo...


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