CULN SWEET: Puro Outra Control Mixtape

Tengo otro nueva clicka favorita mexicana. Ellos son Culn Sweet y se trata de un colectivo de morritos artsy y DJs que pululan entre el south side of Texas y el formidable -pero increíblemente calenturiento-, Monterrey, México. Can't wait to be there, I tell ya! There's a buncha cool people up MTY nowadays, lots and lots of great designers and obviously hot kids.

Culn Sweet está compuesto por DJ Spin Laden, DJ Mario Barrio, DJ Teenage Wolf, The Skeleton y DJ Orion. Todos ellos notorios en su escena por las fiestas que arman por allá. Les dejo un set del Spin Laden, está como para un jueves por la tarde-noche. So you're gonna have to wait a lil' if you're feeling romantic or whatever right now, 'cause this shit aint for pussies like your lil' hippietronic sister outdoors.

DJ Spin Laden:
Puro Outra Control Mixtape

Black Ball "Hold Dat"
Gameboy/ Gamegirl "Bump Rump (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)"
Adonis "Rockin Down the House (Micky Slim Remix)"
TJR "Sonic Chronic"
Southside "Jack (Scott Cooper Remix)"
Rye Rye "Wassup (Crookers remix)"
Natty Jack "Tech Buddy"
Heavy Feet "Sick Like That (Santiago & Bushido Remix)"
Bryan Cox "Let's Go To Work (Andy George & Jakz Remix)"
Riva Starr "I Know U Want My Thang"
Justin Martin "Ghetto Train (Oliver $ Remix)"
Bass Kleph & Hook N Sling "Helium (Mowgli Remix)"
Worthy "Bird of Prey (Yankee Zulu Remix)"


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monterrey mc allen estan brutal.