INBOX: Mochipet feat. Eriksolo

Hey there. My name's Rich, and I'm doing some work for a new
promotions group called Sobro. I'm a big fan of TTSO.

Pardon me if you don't read English. If not, let me know and I'll get
a friend to translate for me.

Wanted to see if you were up on eclectic producer Mochipet. He has put
out records on such esteemed labels as Bpitchcontrol (Berlin),
Tigerbeat6 (Oakland), Schematic (Miami) and has worked with the likes
of Spankrock, edIT, Daedelus, Kid606, and rocked crowds (sharply
dressed in his debonair purple dinosaur suit) with Modeselektor, Kid
Koala, M.I.A. and more all over the world.

Mochi's back with a hip-hop album called "Microphonepet." Here's a
track from the album for you to check out:

Mochipet feat. oonceoonce & Eriksolo - Sharp Drest

BTW, the rapper on the track is Eriksolo, who is in a group called
Meanest Man Contest. He also makes beats. Here's one of my favorites -
a remix from the new EP by Italy's Apes on Tapes.

Apes on Tapes - Catkilla (Eriksolo remix)

Let me know if you need anything. Hope you are well!

Ahh man, I still remember when Mochipet was flooding MySpace like a mad man. Obviously his hyperactive networking got him where he wanted to be!

Y hablando de MySpace... Ahem, muy pronto se darán cuenta de cómo TTSO/ Poni Republic decidió abrirle las piernas a este monstruo de las comunidades cibernéticas. Oh come on, we all have a price.

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cheky dijo...

"abrirle las piernas a este monstruo de las comunidades cibernéticas" Me dio un poquito de miedo eso jajaja.

Waiting patiently for the new releases =)

Anónimo dijo...

yeah! spread those legs baby...